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Carafe with energizing plate (ECAIA carafe)

Pitcher, container for filtered ECAIA water, trasparent, without lid, without tank.

  • For the substitution of the old carafe, if very soiled
  • Equipped with an energizing plate
  • BPA-free
  • Made of AS plastic
  • SGS certification No. CANHG1420927601 of 22/12/2014


The pitcher of the ECAIA carafe has earned SGS certification and is BPA-free (without Bisphenol A). Therefore it is safe for food use and is ideal for preserving the properties assumed by drinking water through filtration as long as possible.
The pitcher has a capacity of 2 liters, that is, two times that of the internal reser-voir. On the outside of the pitcher practical measuring units are indicated (screen printing, white) as well as the SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL logo (en-graved, transparent). A special feature of the pitcher is its open handle, which gives it a modern and timeless look.

In addition: attached to the base of the ECAIA carafe there is an energizing plate that purifies water from all the “ negative information“ remaining after filtration, making your drinking water even “softer“ and tastier.

Notice: this is a replacement part that can be used with the ECAIA carafe. The energizing plate has been developed together with the pitcher and is therefore an integral part. The pitcher of the ECAIA carafe is ALWAYS delivered WITH an energizing plate.


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