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Book "Jungbrunnenwasser"

Language: German
A handbook and practical guide for anyone who wants to know and understand body water as well as the importance of lymph for our health.

  • Language: German
  • A textbook and a practical guide for everyone
  • Explanations for understanding body water
  • Explanations about lymph, why it is so important for our health
  • Position in favor of a holistic view of man and his health
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Man is an aquarium! Like fish in an aquarium, the cells in our body are immersed in lymph - but unfortunately almost no one looks after the quality of their lymph in the way someone who owns an aquarium looks after the quality of the water it contains. So wouldn’t it be better to change the water rather than taking medicine ?!

But what is the right water? What kind of environment body cells need to stay healthy? How important is the acid-base balance to your health? What is '"hyperacidity"? What is the role of oxygen? What are "antioxidants"?

Considering that in Central Europe over 10% of the GDP is spent for the "treatment" of disease, with most of this being spent on the so-called "diseases of civilization", it seems time we should start thinking up alternatives to medical cures based on the massive use of drugs - and, just like we take care of an aquarium, change the water (in our bodies) before resorting to medicines!

This is a textbook for learning and for use by anyone who wants to know and understand body water and the importance of lymph for their own health.
It takes a strong stand in favor of a holistic view of man and his health and explains why ionized water, widely used in Asia, is a personal fountain of youth.
Dietmar Ferger, engineer, educator and prevention specialist, has been working professionally for many years in the fields of drinking water, health, detoxification and holistic approaches to preventive health care.

Language: German


Top Produkt!
with total 9 reviews

Ich findes Buch einfach interessant und man erfährt alles wichtige. Super geschrieben und sehr zu empfehlen

31/10/2021, 18:57

05/12/2020, 21:22

super buch, sehr interessant. auf seite 23 in dem pH balken sind leider die worte "sauer" und "basisch" vertauscht.
sehr kompaktes wissen. super!!

28/08/2020, 16:00

Vom Glauben zum Wissen...komplexe Sachverhalte sehr gut verständlich gemacht...

02/02/2020, 13:29

sehr empfehlenswert ...gute information ... sehr nützlich ...

11/02/2019, 18:12

vermittelt viel neues Wissen

31/01/2019, 18:08

Sehr informativ und verständlich erklärt. Eine große Hilfe zum Verständnis der ECAIA-Technik.

21/03/2018, 18:23

sehr interessant... muss man unbedingt gelesen haben...

01/03/2018, 12:39

Das Buch ist sehr informativ und erklärt der Ablauf der Ionisation vom Wasser sehr detailliert.. Leider kann ich es nur Leuten empfehlen, die bereits Vorwissen im Bereich Chemie gesammelt haben. Dem Otto-Normal-Verbraucher würde ich ein leichter verständliches Buch empfehlen.

29/01/2018, 16:35

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