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ECAIA booster filter S

Additional cartridge for ECAIA carafe S. For even stronger ionization in case of hard water
Scope of delivery: 1 x ECAIA booster filter S

  • Optional additional cartridge
  • For an even stronger ionization performance with hard water
  • Easy attachment to the main cartridge ECAIA main filter S
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The additional cartridge ECAIA booster filter S is also filled with ceramics, just like the lower section of the ECAIA main filter S.
Special ceramics are used here, which are fired from natural minerals and metals. The knowledge of water treatment with minerals and metals goes back a long way. Ceramics were fired in China, Japan and Korea around 2000 to 3000 years ago. Later, functional ceramics were developed that can change the pH and ORP value of the water. SANUSLIFE has conducted numerous tests to obtain ceramic mixtures that are free of harmful substances. Unfortunately, there are many cheap ceramics that could pollute the water with harmful substances.
The functional ceramics of SANUSLIFE react on contact with water and enable mineral ionization. This chemical process gives the water the same properties as when it is treated by electronic water ionization. It becomes alkaline, antioxidant (electron rich) as well as rich in free hydrogen. Depending on the water source, values of up to pH 9.5 and ORP of over -200 mV can be achieved.

This cartridge can be used as an option, for example to achieve an even better ionization performance in the case of calciferous water. This additional cartridge is attached to the bottom of the main cartridge before it is inserted into the attachment container.

Scope of delivery: 1 x ECAIA booster filter S

Durability: Depending on the mineral composition of the used water.
For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to always change this cartridge together with the ECAIA main filter S cartridge.
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Bei uns hat der Booster Filter S nicht funktioniert. Gleich beim ersten Einsatz ist nach kurzer Zeit kein Wasser mehr durchgelaufen. Können wir als Ersatz einen neuen Booster Filter bekommen oder ist das zu erwarten, bei der Wasserhärte die wir in Berlin haben? Dann macht es aber keinen Sinn uns einen solchen Filter zu verkaufen... Bitte um Rückmeldung

23/08/2022, 22:27

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