• A good buy
  • Water filter and water ionizer in a single product
  • Works without electricity
  • Produces fresh, pure, ionized, alkaline ECAIA water any time, anywhere
  • Safety guaranteed by Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL
  • Electronic filter replacement indicator
  • No permanent installation, no maintenance
  • Ideal for office, home or on the road
  • With a unique feature: the “energizing plate”
  • Environmentally-friendly, because only the cartridge needs to be replaced
  • No more hauling bottled water
  • No more piles of empty plastic bottles

The ECAIA carafe is a mineral flow-through water ionizer with the shape of a pitcher. Unlike an electric water ionizer, it does not need electricity to function. Initially, its activated carbon particles purify water of pollutants and then, thanks to the special ceramics contained in the filter, water undergoes a mineral ionization. In addition, a small plaque inserted in the bottom of the carafe provides the right energetic quality. The final product, ECAIA water, is harmoniously energized, clean, alkaline, ionized and antioxidant.

Note: Depending on the mineral composition of the water, the ionization performance may vary. Therefore, a strong ionization cannot always be guaranteed, which is why a low to very low pH and/or a redox value in the plus range is also possible

All the details are explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

The materials of the ECAIA carafe that come into contact with water are of the best quality and absolutely harmless. High-quality plastic, without dangerous plasticizers (BPA-free) ensure that no harmful substances are released into treated water. This fact is very important because, given the powerful solvent effect of ECAIA water, the process of releasing harmful particles would be significantly reinforced.

ECAIA cartridge

The heart of the ECAIA carafe.

ECAIA energizing plate

So small, yet so special.

Possible uses and applications

The ECAIA carafe is portable. You can easily take it with you and always enjoy good water wherever you go. It’s especially when you’re traveling that the ECAIA carafe proves itself useful: in fact, in many holiday destinations, although the tap water is safe to drink, it often contains a lot of chlorine. Contaminated water sources, wells, reservoirs and dilapidated piping systems make tap water absolutely undrinkable in many hotel rooms. Instead of spending tons of money on bottled water during your holiday, take your ECAIA carafe with you. Easy to pack and unpack, it will permit you to prepare drinking water whenever you like. Just to be safe: only if you filter your water personally can you really know what you are drinking.

The advantages

  • Electronic indicator of remaining filter life (in days)
  • Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL (reduction of pollutants up to 99%!)
  • Special ceramics ionize your water, making it alkaline, antioxidant, rich in oxygen and micro-structured.
  • ECAIA energizing plate
  • BPA -free

Every company that processes foods is legally required to achieve H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification. The goal of the HACCP certification is to systematically identify all the factors that represent a potential risk to the health of consumers, in order to avoid or reduce them to an acceptable level. In 2016, the ECAIA carafe has been thoroughly reviewed and obtained H.A.C.C.P. certification.