ECAIA carafe is more than a common water filter. The mineral water ionizer features a special energizing unit, which is located underneath the carafe. The so-called “energizing plate” contributes to making the water softer and better-tasting.

This form of water treatment is based on the discoveries of Wolfgang Ludwig, one of the leading scientists in the field of water research. He has found that no filter, no matter how good, is able to remove all the “filth” completely. In particular, it may not be able to remove traces left by residues of various chemicals Even electromagnetic pollution, such as radiation from mobile phones or other harmful frequencies, may leave traces in water.

Dr. Masaru Emoto (* 07/22/1943 – 10/17/2014) was also convinced of this fact. By using impressive photographs of water crystals, he was able to show the structure of water before and after the process of eliminating harmful information. His photographs show that water has a beautiful crystalline structure containing a great amount of energy and no negative information.

These images show the water crystals of ECAIA water from the ECAIA carafe and the ECAIA Ionizer S, photographed by Rainer Niederkofler, alternative practitioner from Bruneck (South Tyrol, Italy).