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Register as a FREE User with SANUSLIFE and receive 1,000 SANUSCREDITS as a welcome gift! We support you during the first few days and show you step by step what the whole world of SANUSLIFE has to offer with great video messages from the environmental activist Magdalena Gschnitzer and our CEO Ewald Rieder.

Have fun navigating our site!

MAP Partner License SP

With the MAP Partner License, you become a partner company or MAP Partner of SANUSLIFE. You will also receive a free upgrade to SANUSAPP with free use for 12 months from the date of the upgrade.

  • Welcome gift
  • Presence with advertising on the SANUSMAP
  • Automatic SANUSCOIN acceptance point
  • Retail sale of MY WATER BOTTLE (optional)
  • MAP-Office with dashboard and setup options
  • Easy to get started with video tutorials



- Fee-based partnership (B2B) as a MAP Partner with SANUSLIFE
- Welcome gift in the form of SANUSCREDITS (SC) 19,900 SC
- Presence with advertisement on SANUSMAP, for more visibility and generation of new customers
- Automatic acceptance point for SANUSCOIN - “the green voucher”
- Retail trade with MY WATER BOTTLE (optional)
- MAP-Office with dashboar
- SANUSCREDIT-Cashback “Super-Bonus 100” on the purchase of all SANUSLIFE products
- Yearly software use, service and administration fee

Additional services provided by SANUSAPP:

- Implementation and use of the payment method SANUSPAY (SANUSCOIN POS)
- Individual margin setting for payment type SANUSPAY (min. 1.5%), split in two for SANUSBUSINESS (more revenue) and SANUSPLANET (more image)
- Automatic participation in the environmental protection program SANUSPLANET - “we love nature”, for a green image internally and externally
- Automatic participation in the SANUSCREDITS rewards program - "let's change in coins", as an incentive system for own customers and to incentivize purchases
- Automatic participation in the recommendation program to have products recommended by satisfied private individuals and companies


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