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"SANUSCOIN" key ring

This key ring is an original copy of the SANUSCOIN. A real MUST HAVE for SANUSCOIN owners and all those who want to decorate their key ring with a real piece of jewelery.

  • Original copy of the SANUSCOIN
  • Jewelery and work of art at the same time
  • A real eye-catcher, an original object with a very special appeal
  • Coin with bas-relief decoration on both sides
  • Includes chain, key ring and coin
  • Packed in an elegant, black cardboard case
  • Also ideal as a gift
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The SANUSCOIN key ring is equipped with a 40mm-long chain to which is attached the 40mm-large and 4mm-thick SANUSCOIN, with bas-relief decoration on both sides. The coin is an original copy of the SANUSCOIN and features the following four basic elements: the earth, the wave, the scales and the caduceus.

The earth, also known as the "Blue Planet", symbolizes the greatness and the boundless vastness of infinity. The wave stands for water as concentrated power and origin of all life.

The scales are the core element of the coin: they stand for "balanced justice" and the balance between health and prosperity.

The caduceus, taken from Greek mythology, today symbolizes economy and trade. The eagle's head completes the overall work of art. It stands for strength, resistance, lightness, speed and freedom. Probably for all these emblematic values it was also in antiquity a popular symbol for gods and kings.

More information on the meaning of the elements that adorn the SANUSCOIN can be found at > SANUSCOIN.

Technical details:
Chain: 40mm long
Coin: 40mm diameter x 4mm thickness
Colour: sapphire blue/ metallic silver
Material: cast metal
Processing: bas-relief decoration on both sides
Packing: in an elegant, black cardboard case


Top Produkt!
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TOP Produkt!

25/04/2019, 16:16

Ein Must-have, sieht in Natura noch viel schöner aus! Das Blau leuchtet und das Silber glänzt.

18/02/2019, 22:04

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