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Cover without filter indicator (ECAIA carafe)

White lid, with a hole near the center with a push-down cap, without filter indicator (timer)

  • For the substitution of the old lid, if very soiled
  • Without filter indicator (timer)
  • BPA-free
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • SGS certification No. CANHG1420927601 of 22/12/2014


The lid of the ECAIA carafe has earned SGS certification and is BPA-free, making it the ideal accessory for the carafe. The lid has a hole near the center with a push-down cap which allows you to pour water directly into the reservoir, and thus the lid rarely needs to be removed entirely. Once the lid is securely closed, it can not fall off.
There is a small recess in the lid of the ECAIA carafe, near the handle, where a filter display (timer) can be inserted. This timer is NOT delivered together with the lid described here, but can be ordered separately at any time and easily at-tached.

Instead, the ECAIA carafe is ALWAYS delivered with a COMPLETE lid already equipped with a filter display.
Notice: this is a replacement part, to be used exclusively together with the ECAIA carafe. If, for any reason, the lid of your ECAIA carafe should break, or-der the item described here, remove the timer from the damaged lid and insert it into the new one.


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