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NFC chip sticker “SANUSLIFE”

The NFC chip sticker with the motive “SANUSLIFE” serves as a digital business card and for contactless or wireless exchange of information.

  • It works exclusively in conjunction with the SANUSFORYOU System
  • Ideal for digital marketing and wireless data exchange
  • Automatically deposited with recommendation link
  • Easily configurable
  • Flexible in use


Approximately 5 cm in size, the sticker is equipped with NFC chip technology and is printed with the motif “SANUSLIFE”. The abbreviation “NFC” stands for Near Field Communication and refers to the electronic exchange of data over short distances. The information transfer takes place with NFC chips. With the SANUSFORYOU System, it is possible to write on these NFC chips or to store information, such as landing pages, webinar campaigns, business cards and much more. The great advantage is that the potential customer only has to hold their smartphone near the chip – and the information appears (automatically deposited with the recommendation link), which is stored on the chip by the customer themselves with the help of the SANUSFORYOU System. This way, it can be ensured that the potential customer receives the correct information on their smartphone quickly, safely and securely. In addition to the motif “SANUSLIFE”, there are also chips with the motifs “SANUSPLANET” and “SANUSPAY”. These products can be ordered separately.

Important: The NFC chip stickers can only be written with the SANUSFORYOU System. Access to this is not included in the price.
Access to SANUSFORYOU is granted by purchasing the SANUSFORYOU License.
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