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  • Proven technology with a patented self-diagnosis function and 28 options for personalized pH value settings
  • Ceramic rotary valve, for a particularly long life of the appliance and operation without electric power
  • Long-term warranty (6 years)
  • Produced in accordance with the highest medical standards
  • Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL

The ECAIA ionizer is our latest-generation electric water ionizer. User-friendly and designed with timeless appeal, it is suitable for all types of drinking water, anywhere in the world. This ensures drinking water of the highest quality. Just what you’d expect from ECAIA water.

To ensure that the device is fully functional, it must be descaled manually at regular intervals using the descaling set supplied, depending on the degree of hardness of the water used.

All the details are explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

Interior Design

Here is how the ECAIA ionizer works.

Water filters for the ECAIA ionizer

The water filter is one of the most important components of a water ionizer.

The electrolysis chamber

The heart of the ECAIA ionizer.

Geniality is in the details

Subtleties that make the ECAIA ionizer what it is and explain what it is able to do.

6-year guarantee

Since SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL takes extreme care in the production of the ECAIA ionizer by using only the best materials and processing techniques, the company willingly offers its customers an extended 6-year warranty.

Every company that processes foods is legally required to achieve H.A.C.C.P. certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). The goal of the HACCP certification is to systematically identify all the factors that represent a potential risk to the health of consumers, in order to avoid or reduce them to an acceptable level. During 2015, the ECAIA ionizer has been thoroughly reviewed and has obtained the H.A.C.C.P. certification.