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  • Proven technology with a patented self-diagnosis function and 28 options for personalized pH value settings
  • Ceramic rotary valve, for a particularly long life of the appliance and operation without electric power
  • Long-term warranty (6 years)
  • Produced in accordance with the highest standards
  • Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL
  • Can be place over and under the sink

The ECAIA ionizer S is our latest-generation electric water ionizer and out there since 2020. User-friendly and designed with timeless appeal, it is suitable for all types of drinking water, anywhere in the world. This ensures drinking water of the highest quality. Just what you’d expect from ECAIA water.

To ensure that the device is fully functional, it must be descaled manually at regular intervals using the descaling set, which is sent free of charge together with the ECAIA ionizer S, depending on the degree of hardness of the water used.

All the details are explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

Interior Design

Here is how the ECAIA ionizer S works.

Water filters for the ECAIA ionizer S

The water filter is one of the most important components of a water ionizer.

The electrolysis chamber

The heart of the ECAIA ionizer S.

Geniality is in the details

Subtleties that make the ECAIA ionizer S what it is and explain what it is able to do.

6-year guarantee

Since SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL takes extreme care in the production of the ECAIA ionizer S by using only the best materials, the company willingly offers its customers an extended 6-year warranty.

  • The heritage of Sang Whang and SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL: thanks to the close collaboration with Sang Whang and after more than 10 years of intensive research, SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL has successfully integrated into its product not only the knowledge of the great Korean scholar, but also its own know-how.
  • The producer: expert and quality-conscious. With over 30 years of experience, it is considered one of the major manufacturers of water ionizers in the world. The production is carried out with respect for the most severe safety regulations, especially those regarding the fields of medicine and technology.
  • Dual Filter Technology by SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL. Our company has applied the knowledge gained through years of experience and of collaboration with international experts in the creation of a dual filter system capable of ensuring optimal filtration. The thorough examination, preparatory to certification, and the many tests performed on the filters have demonstrated that for many harmful substances a high reduction is attained.
  • Ionization chamber and electrodes: the ionization chamber is equipped with 7 special titanium electrode plates, generously coated with platinum (purity: 99.99%). The "galvanizing" (more exactly, the electroplating), the special process used for coating the electrodes, ensures optimum, long-lasting ionization.
  • Mechanical ceramic rotary valve: a device with extreme longevity, compared to electrovalves, known to break after a short time, especially when used with calcium-rich water. Another great advantage: with the ECAIA ionizer, water can be filtered without electricity.
  • Continuous flow control system: allows the automatic adjustment of pH levels, a very useful feature especially in areas where water hardness is subject to great variations.
  • Patented intelligent self-diagnosis function: part of the "PWM control method" patented by the manufacturer (Korean patent # 0466229), used to adjust the pH accurately and automatically, regardless of the flow; PLUS: other twenty (20!) options for personalized settings!
  • Electronic LCD display: automatically provides error notifications and signals when to replace the filters.
  • Maximum convenience even when permanently installed: located on the two sides of the appliance, the filters can be easily replaced even when the unit is mounted on the wall.
  • It can be placed over sink and, in combination with the ECAIA ionizer S faucet, under sink.
  • Self-Cleaning-System: an automatic internal descaling and self-cleaning system maintains optimal functioning of the electrolysis chamber. However, this mechanism does not replace manual descaling, which has to be carried out depending on the hardness of the drinking water (input water).
  • Proven Electronics: the best performance with very little current With a transformer, alternating current is converted into direct current, which has a better effect on alkaline water. In addition, this technology requires less repairs than SMPS systems.
  • User-friendly: ideal for all ages. The electronic LCD display and the numerical keys have been specially designed for all ages. In addition to its sleek and simple style, the ECAIA ionizer S convinces users with its optimal usability.

Every company that processes foods is legally required to achieve H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification. The goal of the HACCP certification is to systematically identify all the factors that represent a potential risk to the health of consumers, in order to avoid or reduce them to an acceptable level. In 2020, the ECAIA carafe has been thoroughly reviewed and obtained H.A.C.C.P. certification.