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Water can do so much more

Is water just water? Are you kidding? Besides being the number 1 food, water can be used in a particularly purified form for many other purposes. And that's precisely what the Plus symbol (+) stands for: practical water-based accessories.


  • Acidity regulator
  • For the reduction of acidity and the enhancement of flavors of food products
  • Ideal for teas, fruit and herbal infusions or other flavored drinks
  • Simple dosage
  • Practical and handy, fits inside any handbag

ECAIA+ drops is a food additive based on potassium hydroxide, an acidity regulator that modifies the alkalinity of some food products. It can be used when the acidity of the products is higher than desired.

Soups become even finer and tastier.

Fruit juices taste less sour.

Also fruit teas are less acidic and more intense in flavor.

Coffee retains its fine taste, but losing its acidity it becomes even milder and more agreeable.