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The right opportunity for entrepreneurs

The online market continues to grow, as does competition. Gone are the days where you could make large volume, high revenue sales with the classical marketing tools. Of course the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) are still useful, but whoever wants to reach the largest possible number of consumers must get more creative, put their thinking cap on and come up with something new. Naturally this is accompanied by costs – and offers no guarantee of achieving your desired objective: success.

SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL tackles exactly this problem. It offers all companies (small, medium and large ones) the opportunity of increasing their turnover with limited resources. The concept is quite simple, highly variable, and based on the oldest, cheapest and most efficient advertising media ever devised: positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Our SANUSCOMPANIES division offers access to a completely new distribution channel with enormous sales potential. The largest and most efficient growth factors, integrated in an extremely fast-growing business process.

We offer the following partnerships:

Do you want to sell your products through referral marketing and be discovered and recommended by a completely new target group? Then become a STORE Partner! To learn more...

Would you like to advertise your business, be registered in the SANUSMAP-APP and be seen by map users within a radius of up to 100 km? Then become a MAP Partner! To learn more...

Do you already have many years of experience in online commerce and would also like to sell SANUSLIFE's products or implement the entire SANUSLIFE concept in a new country? Then become a TRADING Partner! To learn more...